Instructions for Editing Color

There are two ways to edit color for your site.
All color values must be entered as HEX values (a combination of 6 letters and numbers)

Option 1:
1. Click the icon next to each color
2. Select a color from the color wheel or saturation/lightness square
3. Click "Update Colors" to automatically update the hex value
4. Click "Save Colors" to permanantly save the colors to your database


Option 2:
1. Select a color in a photo or graphics program, or from the basic colors provided below.

In Photoshop
1. select the "color picker" from the tool bar
2. click on the color you want
3. the hex value is located at the bottom right and will
consist of 6 numbers and/or letters.

2. Copy the 6 number/letter combination
3. Paste or type the value into the input box next to
the color you would like to change.
4. Click "Save Colors" to permanantly save the
colors to your database

Basic Color Chart and HEX Values
95060A BB141B CF181D ED1B24 F04E4C F37A71 F8A19A FCD4D4
95231F BC312E CF3734 EF413D F3715A F68D76 F8AA97 FCD3C1
985006 C06616 D4711A F58220 F79548 F9A870 FCC79B FEDCC6
9B6704 C48312 D89016 FAA61A FDBA4D FDC578 FFDAA2 FFE6CB
A19700 CCBE00 E3D200 FFF200 FFF450 FFF685 FFF9AE FFFBCC
407928 579835 62A73B 72BF44 89C765 ACD58A C3E0AE E0EFD4
006C3A 00864B 009252 00A65D 00B274 65C294 8CCFB7 BFE3D3
006D6F 00888A 009597 00AAAD 00B6BE 58C5C7 88D1D1 BCE4E5
003D73 00508F 00599D 0066B3 1B75BC 5F8AC7 7DA7D9 AEC5E7
0E1E63 192F7C 1C3687 21409A 464FA1 5565AF 7477B8 9093C8
390A5D 491D74 51247F 5C2D91 74489D 826AAF 9D85BE BCAFD6
68005A 820F71 8E187C A3238E AA55A1 BD7CB5 C7A0CB DFCCE4
000000 4D4D4F 636363 7D7D7D A3A3A3 C9C9C9 DFDFDF FFFFFF