Bludomain's HTML Tips and Tricks:

Flash allows a small selection of html tags to be used in text. Below is a sample of html tags that can be used in your paragraphs on your content pages.

Tag Use Example
<b></b> to bold text normal text <b> bold text </b> back to normal text
<i> </i> make text italic
(if font has italic version)
normal text <i> italic text </i> back to normal text
<u> </u> make text underlined normal text <u> underlined text </u> back to normal text
<p></p> breaks up paragraphs - sets aligning for text

<p align="center">Centered text</p>

<p align="right">Right-justified text</p>

<p align ="left"">Left-justified text</P>

<br> seperates two sections onto lines

this is text<br>now this text would be on the second line. Example:

this is text
now this text would be on the second line

<a> </a> how to link to a website or page within your site

The code below would open a file on your server called mypage.html in a new window.
<a href="mypage.html" target="_blank">text that is a link</a>

The code below would open a file from a different web site called mypage.html
<a href="">text that is a link</a>

<font></font>   this tag has the following attributes that can be combined. the value after the '=' has to be in quotations. ie- this (color="#FF0000") not this (color=#FF0000). The colors have to be in hexidecimal form
<font color= changes color of text normal text<font color="#FF0000">this is red text</font>back to normal text
<font size= changes size of text normal text<font size="14">this is large</font>back to normal text
changing both color and size normal text<font color="#FF0000" size="14">this is red big text</font>back to normal text