Instructions for Changing Music

There are two ways to change music for your site.
The smaller the music file is, the faster your site will load.

Option 1:
1. Click the icon "Browse" button next to each music track (1,2, or 3)
2. Select a .mp3 file for your site. It has to be less than 5 MB and will work best if 2-3 MB
3. Click the "Update" next to the track file upload.
upload times will vary depending on connection speed and file size. If you are on 56k it is recommended that you use option 2 to upload the sound files.


Option 2:
1. Connect to your site using an ftp program of your choice (such as CuteFTP or Fetch)

2. Go to the "music" folder in your site's root or main directory.
3. Upload a .mp3 file into the directory.
4. Once uploaded, rename the file to either sound1.mp3 (for the first song) , sound2.mp3 (for the second song), or sound3.mp3 (for the third song).

If a file with that name already exists you will have to delete it before renaming the new file.