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A Ten-Year-Old in a Grown Man’s Body

Whenever I’m goofing off or get a little too excited about the little things in life, Cami is fond of saying “you’re just a ten-year-old in a grown man’s body!” 🙂 I actually take it as a compliment since I believe it’s important to maintain one’s joidevive and enjoy each new day like the gift that it IS!

Last week I had a chance to REALLY feel like a kid as I had the pleasure of photographing the ARBC preschool portraits again this year! I’ve been lucky enough to see some pretty incredible things in my life…from the rolling hills of Ireland to the jagged crevices of the Grand Canyon, the lush rain forests of Costa Rica to the savanna grasslands of Africa. But I tell you, NOTHING can lift your spirits like the dimpled grin of an innocent little girl!

This is my young friend, Kayce. Isn’t she ADORABLE?!?