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Alleva Family on Seabrook Island

Yesterday was Sue & Tony’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! To commemorate the occasion, their whole family flew in from all corners of the country, and rented a beatiful home on Seabrook Island where they could all hang out, re-connect, and celebrate the wonderful milestone!

They had arranged with me to photograph family portraits on the beach across from the house once everyone was all dressed up for the party that night. The gray skies and spitting rain threatened to dampen our spirits and make us give up. But I knew how important preserving these memories were to Sue & Tony! And since everyone was so adventurous and willing to give it a try, we went for it!!!

Situations like this is where a photographer has to pull out all the tricks in their bag. So a little creative off-camera lighting was called on to add a nice blue tone to the boring gray skies. Since electronics and rain don’t mix well, each flash was carefully wrapped in my special high-tech rain-gear…also known as zip-loc bagies. 😉 With its excellent weather sealing, the Nikon D4 was selected as the right cameral for the job. And a sturdy Manfrotto tripod kept everythng sharp in spite of the low light.

I got soaked. But it just didn’t matter!!! I got caught up in the energy and excitement of Sue & Tony’s beautiful family as everyone rallied together to support them, love them, and give them their 50th Anniversary wish of updated family portraits!