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Bogen Manfrotto Magic Arm

I’ve been using Remote Cameras at weddings, sporting events, and so on, for years. Quite often I choose bizarre locations to mount my cameras. Sometimes these locations don’t work out because physically I can’t get the camera angled properly with the mounting method I’ve been using, which is a Bogen Manfrotto Super Clamp with a 490RC2 ball head.

But not any more! I got my new Bogen Manfrotto Magic Arm just in time to take with me to Missouri where I was shooting a wedding with my buddy and excellent photographer, Robbin Knight. I attached the Magic Arm with one of my D3s and a fisheye lens angled to see the bride and her dad walking down the isle directly beneath it with the groom watching on in the distance. It came out great!

Here’s a shot of my remote setup. AMAZING how this little Magic Arm can hold the weight of a D3 & SB-900 no problem! The second image is of the Ring Bearer & Flower Girl, shot with my hand held D3 and 70-200 VRII. I was shooting the processional from under the balcony that the remote camera was mounted on. The third image is from the remote camera above me. Tripping the shutter on my camera magically fired the shutter on the remote camera simultaneously via PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers. You can see the PocketWizard mounted to the remote camera in the first image.

Anyway, just a fun way to get multiple angles you couldn’t possibly get otherwise. 🙂