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Bridal Shoot at the Governer Thomas Bennett House

Bridal Shoots are usually done months before the wedding.  And since most brides want to keep the details of their wedding gown a secret from the groom, I can’t really go posting their pictures to the web after the shoot!  So I thought I’d go back in time and showcase a couple recent Bridal Shoots.  Sarah’s portraits were scheduled for a park in downtown Charleston on December 14th.  But it was FREEZING cold, windy, and ugly outside.  Her wedding to Trent (seen here) was coming up on January 1st.   So we didn’t have any wiggle room to reschedule!  But Linda at the Governor Thomas Bennett House was so kind and generous in letting us use their beautiful and historic building to shoot in.  Can you guess which image Sarah selected for her portrait to display at the reception?