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Evans Family on Kiawah Island

The Evans Family have been building their Dream Home on Kiawah Island for 5 years!

It’s been a pleasure photographing their family each summer. But when I arrived at their recently completed home, I could tell something was “different”. There was a feeling of relief and calm in the air that hadn’t been there when I’d arrive at their rental properties the last few summers. I’m so happy for Steve & Geraldine and their family…they are SO HAPPY…all settled in their new home!

It’s an absolutely stunning property…amazing architecture, beautiful landscaping, and a stunning view of the beach. We photographed a number of shots around their house before heading to the beach. It was so neat to see their youngest daughter really coming into her own…and the boys all grown up from last year.

Everyone had a great time and we got some fantastic images in the amazing late afternoon light!!!