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Headshots at Palmetto Community Care

This afternoon I had a super fun photo shoot with one of my all-time favorite clients!

Palmetto Community Care provides complete compassionate care, free testing and prevention measures, and referrals to medical care and support for those living with HIV and AIDS in the greater Charleston area.  “We believe no one living with HIV or AIDS should go without medical care, everyday resources and emotional support.”

I absolutely love working with Palmetto Community Care…not only because they are wonderful, vibrant, caring, and loving human beings, but because they are doing good things for the people of Charleston!

All images were shot on the Nikon D5 with my favorite Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens.  Lighting was provided by 6 off-camera speedlights.  1 Nikon SB-5000 was lighting the background for that bright “high-key” look.  3 SB-800 flashes in a 50″ Westcott Apollo softbox provided the main light.  And 2 SB-800 flashes in a Westcott 36″ shoot-through umbrella created a soft fill light.  Shooting tethered to my Lenovo Yoga, images instantly popped up in Adobe Lightroom and automatically had my special black-and-white preset applied to them so that individuals could approve of their portraits and pick out their favorites.