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Happy New Year! I actually photographed this cover for the Charleston Regional Business Journal in the fall of 2006. (That’s Holly Fisher’s husband with one of their beautiful labs. Holly is one of the many wonderful people I have the privilege of working with at the CRBJ.) But 2007 is here and I went to see my doctor yesterday for my yearly checkup. So I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the subject. The doc was very pleased with my health and fitness. In fact, he half-joked that I have an overly active immune system. 🙂 (I think he wishes I would get sick more often so he could actually make some money off me – HA!) Unfortunately, good health and fitness aren’t free. Over the last few years, Cami has inspired me to get back into better shape. I now spend an average of an hour a day, six days a week at the gym. And I balance that with a nutritious diet that includes fresh greens, fruit, nuts, fish, vegetables, etc. This may sound like a lot of work. But actually, it’s just become part of my lifestyle…and I feel GREAT because of it. I understand that this is the only body God has given me. If I don’t maintain it, I won’t be able to participate in many of the activities that Cami and I enjoy together…hiking, camping, traveling, tennis, etc. But more importantly, I would drastically limit the one thing I am most passionate about in life…my photography! Think about this for a minute. The exotic gear I use is pretty heavy. So if I couldn’t carry it all, I would severely limit the number of tools in my arsenal. Besides this, often the best angles for a shot come from kneeling, laying flat out on the ground, standing on a chair or precariously balancing on a ledge. And finally, to capture those fleeting moments, I have to be able to move quickly. Imagine trying to sprint up a long set of stairs carrying 40lbs of camera gear to get ahead of a bride & groom as they enter the reception hall! Anyway, as the new year begins, I am re-dedicating myself to a healthy lifestyle. BEST WISHES for a HEALTHY and HAPPY year for you!