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Holiday Magic

Larry Lipov, president of Pearlstine Distributors, was so pleased with the photography we provided at his son’s Bar Mitzvah last month, that he asked us to cover another big event for him! He had worked and worked to book the famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses to come to Charleston this year. While they were in town, he was having a special “Holiday Magic” luncheon in honor of all his employees and their families. He wanted each of those families to have the gift of a holiday portrait they would never forget. So we set up a little scene with the lead Clydesdale and his shiny red wagon. As we photographed each family, the camera wirelessly transmitted their images to a computer inside the big tent where the lunch was to be served. The event logo was added to the image and a 5×7 print was made on our high-speed portable photographic printer. The image was slipped into a professional folio to frame and protect it. By the time each family had wandered inside for lunch, their portrait was already completed and on display for them to pick up. They were amazed by OUR “Holiday Magic”! But giving each family this unique portrait they would never forget was the REAL magic moment for us!