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Jon & Jennifer’s Secret Proposal at White Point Garden

Jon & Jennifer met almost exactly a year ago, purely by chance, when he was out walking his dog. What started out as a lucky encounter turned out to be true love!

They both felt it pretty early on. You know the feeling…like they were just ment to be together. Jennifer had lost her husband about 3 years prior. Jon had lost his girlfriend about 7 months back.  Having each suffered the grief and loss from the passing of a partner gave them an instant and mutual connection.  Those early conversations quickly became a beautiful friendship…and soon they were falling in love. Each realized early on that what they had was something truly extraordinary!

Both Jon & Jennifer are from the Charlotte area. But Charleston is a favorite vacation spot for each of them. Once Jon had made plans to bring Jennifer to Charleston this weekend, and to secretly surprise her with a ring, he gave me a call to arrange for me to capture this special moment in their lives. Only a great guy, who is madly in love with the woman in his life, would think ahead to arrange such a thing!

While getting to know Jon through our emails, phone calls, and texts, I realized what an amazing guy he was! And now that I’ve met Jennifer, I can see why it would be so important to him to preserve these memories for her. She’s a beautiful young lady with an exuberant personality and an infections smile. CONGRATULATIONS you guys! We wish you all the happiness that you deserve!!!