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Nikon’s Latest

I haven’t written a journal entry about equipment in a long time. Clients these days are so much more informed than even just a decade ago. (Back then, we didn’t have the Internet on which to do research!) That’s why we keep a current list of our equipment in the Gear Box on our website. We believe that a professional should use professional grade equipment. Because the events we photograph are often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, we wouldn’t dream of covering them with amateur grade equipment. We need our cameras to produce the highest quality images, to keep up with our fast-paced shooting style, and to constantly fire at this tempo for long periods of time without a break! That’s why we keep our Gear Box full of Nikon’s top of the line equipment.

Today Nikon has upped the ante and announced several new EXCITING products that will push the level of technology in our cameras even higher, allow us to work even faster, and give us the freedom to be even more creative! Pictured is their new flagship D3. They also announced a D300, two new fast-aperture zoom lenses, and three new super telephoto lenses. It’s an interesting time to be a photographer….