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Old is New

2008 commemorates the 35th Anniversary of one of the premier sporting events of South Carolina! The Family Circle Cup has a 35-year history of accomplishments in women’s professional tennis and has set a standard of excellence as a Tier I tournament on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.”

This morning, I had the honor of photographing the image that will grace the cover of this year’s program guide and brochures. Robin Reynolds, Tournament Director, and Mike Saia, Communications Manager, arrived at the studio at 9:00 with all the props…including the brand new Waterford Crystal trophy, fresh off the plane from the factory in Ireland. I was a little nervous doing so, but I got to touch it when we were positioning everything! HEHE! 🙂 The fabulous Amy Reed of Helium Inc was the art designer for the project…I love her creative eye! We all had a great time and everyone was very pleased with the modern punch we added to this vintage “look”, honoring the incredible heritage of this amazing tournament.