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Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse: Deuxieme Fois

Since everyone seemed to enjoy my previous post about Light Painting the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, here’s another composite image from the same night.

This time I combined 4 images…separately lighting the left, right, foreground, and background of the sand dune.  The camera’s white balance was set to tungsten to give that electric blue color to the sky. Shooting with a Nikon D300 and the 14-24mm lens, I used the pop-up flash as my Master. I placed a RadioPopper Hot Shoe adapter on the camera, and used the RadioPopper Px Transmitter to control the remote flash. The off-camera flash was an SB-800 with a RadioPopper Px Receiver on it, set to Group A, manually dialed in at 1/2 power, and covered with  warm CTO gel.

One of my mentors, Joe McNally, reminds us “to make a subject more mysterious and interesting…don’t light the whole thing”.  The flash was zoomed to 105mm to illuminate specific spots with precision, rather than globally lighting everything.