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The Fisheye

I had a GREAT TIME at Anna & Jared’s wedding this weekend. They both have so much enthusiasm and charisma! I remember sitting down with them last year and talking about all their plans for the “big day”. Anna mentioned that she really liked the unique perspective of a special lens she had seen another photographer use…The Fisheye. I did not own a Fisheye at the time. I guess I just sort of thought it wasn’t a “real” lens, just a gimmick. And at $650, an EXPENSIVE gimmick at that! But we truly aim to please – so after they left I immediately ordered Nikon’s famous 10.5mm Fisheye. Over the next year as I started practicing with this new lens, I realized it was the KEY to a whole NEW way of looking at the world. Now it’s one of my favorite lenses for fun candid shots like this one! Thanks, Anna!!! 🙂